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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> feel the zen. tonight, the urgent manhunt widening, the officer ambushed and killed and just now the audio. you will hear the officer's final call. three suspects armed and dangerous, families told to stay indoors. seven schools closed. the war of words tonight, donald trump telling jeb bush to stop speaking spanish. and vice-president joe biden speaking late today. will he take on hillary clinton? the school scare, the student pulling out a gun, face-to-face with his teacher, saying he was going to kill. and now we learn of the teacher's instincts that saved so many. the image of the tiny boy going global tonight, the urgent crises, thousands trying to reach safety. our chief foreign correspondent is there. and the worker warned to get out and the blast that followed. how he survived and the case now
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being fought tonight. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we begin with the urgent search outside chicago. at least 100 investigators now moving in, staking out rooftops. the search growing for three suspects. the images of the all out hunt these past 24 hours, helicopters searching by air. now they fear the suspects might have slipped away. after an officer, a 32-year veteran, a father of four was killed in cold blood. his nickname was g.i. joe. moments ago, that chilling new clue of the officer's final call. abc's gio benitez outside chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the suspects still at large. new audio appears to capture gliniewicz's last call from this isolated back road.
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it all started just before 8:00 a.m. tuesday. lieutenant gliniewicz reported seeing the three suspicious men. gliniewicz says he is pursuing them on foot into a swamp area and moments later calls for back-up. >> send everyone you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: the shooting launching this massive manhunt from the air and from the ground. canine units and s.w.a.t. teams. investigators are now turning to the evidence. in fact, right here at the crime scene you can see them searching for any clues, the lead investigator saying they will turn over every leaf in this desolate swampy area. that desolation makes surveillance video a challenge, so police are hoping nearby businesses and homes have cameras. around town, makeshift memorials for gliniewicz, a married father of four who was preparing to
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retire later this month after 32 years on the force. authorities warning residents to be on alert for anything out of the ordinary. >> shot a police officer. i think that speaks for itself. extremely dangerous. >> word they're studying any kind of surveillance video they can get their hands on? >> reporter: that's right, david. they want to see if they could see the men before the crime or after the crime. they have video right now, but we're told they haven't been able to spot those men anywhere on those recordings. a challenge ahead, david. >> gio benitez with us live tonight. thank you. we also have a major development this evening in that case out of san antonio. the man, his hands in the air, but the view partially blocked there by a pole. two sheriff's deputies opening fire, he would later die. tonight word of a second video and authorities say it could reveal a crucial clue about what really happened.
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abc's matt gutman from texas. >> reporter: the cell phone video at the heart of this case showing flores's hands up but his left hand is blocked by that pole. tonight a second video is being examined but authorities are not releasing it. >> we believe that mr. flores had a knife in his hand. >> reporter: in that first video, the officer on the right seems to kick something away. was it a knife? >> the male that called it in assaulted his wife and child. >> reporter: flores seemingly running amok. >> he's trying to get into a patrol vehicle, suicide by cop. >> reporter: before it all ended. >> suspect down at this time, additional shots fired. >> reporter: down but not dead. it all could have been so much clearer had the deputies had one of these, a body camera. county officials voted overnight to buy more of these. the da is telling us all charges are on the table including murder. we're going to turn to baltimore and to the highly
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charged case of freddie gray who died last april, his spine nearly severed after he was arrested and put into the back of that police van. six officers charged in his death and tonight a judge refusing to dismiss the charges. outside the court today dozens of protestors facing off with police. one person was arrested. we turn now to the race for 2016, the war of words tonight between jeb bush and donald trump. jeb bush taking on trump in the last 24 hours in two languages. tonight trump saying jeb bush should be speaking english, not spanish. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: trump today slammed bush for speaking spanish, telling the conservative bright, he's a nice man, but he should really set the example by speaking english while in the united states.
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spanish by the way, is the native language of jeb bush's wife columba and more than 37 million other americans. bush's campaign manager, danny diaz, tweeted, donald trump against spanish, says reagan is not a conservative? looks like a one-man mission to kill the g.o.p. he tweeted this video using trump's own words against him. >> hillary clinton is a terrific women. i've known her for years. >> reporter: a trump video using jeb's own words. >> we recognize the commitment of someone who has devoted her life to public service. >> jon karl with us live from the white house. word tonight jeb bush's son jumping into this back and forth? >> reporter: that's right, jeb bush jr. tweeting, quote, just to state the obvious, can't wait for the summer reality tv show to be over. david? >> jon karl with us again. thanks as always. former florida governor jeb
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bush on "good morning america" first thing tomorrow morning right here. in the meantime, speculation growing tonight, will vice-president joe biden jump into the race, challenging hillary clinton for the nomination. many eyes watching the vice-president today speaking in the key state of florida. biden and hillary clinton for a long time on the same team in the white house. cecilia vega on the possible clue tonight. >> reporter: today in this key battle ground, did joe biden drop a hint? >> people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. >> reporter: the vice-president looking a lot like a candidate since he began exploring a possible 2016 bid. behind the scenes, biden land is heating up, his supporters hiring staff. one source close to him telling abc news it now seems more likely than not that biden will run. challenging not just a political ally but a friend. biden and hillary clinton working side by side for years.
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just last week the democratic front-runner, offering nothing but praise. >> i have a great deal of admiration and affection for him. >> reporter: will he or won't he? it's a decision that may not come until the end of the month. >> that source close to biden telling abc news it's more likely than not that he'll run? >> surprising words. one of the things weighing heavily in this decision is the recent death of his son beau in may. biden telling supporters his heart and his soul has to be in it and right now he says he's pretty banged up. a big victory for president obama tonight. his nuclear deal with iran under fire from republicans threatening to defeat it. tonight the president's deal is safe thanks to senator barbara mccull ski of maryland. giving the president 34 votes, enough to override the senate. we turn now to that showdown in kentucky.
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the county clerk denying same sex couples marriage licenses. she returned to work today with an armed escort and turning down yet another gay couple. we know some of those couples documenting their encounters with the woman who insists she is following god's authority, not the supreme court's. abc's alex perez on what that county clerk is now asking for. >> reporter: county clerk kim davis defiant today, her husband at her side, armed with a handgun tucked in his waist band. waiting for her inside, another gay couple looking for a marriage license. >> your interpretation of the bible does not trump the constitution. >> amen! >> reporter: davis today asking a federal judge to allow her to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples while her case makes its way through the courts. the controversial clerk catapulted to the spotlight in july with this cell phone video. david moore and david ermold arriving for a marriage license.
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>> if i can mention, i have the letter from the governor's office stating that all the county clerks are to issue marriage licenses. i also have the supreme court ruling. >> reporter: davis turning them away. they tried again in august and again yesterday. same result. >> you heard her say she's working under god's authority. what did you think? >> you are not in the church. i respect religion. i respect people, people's faith, but this is a civil institution. >> reporter: but in this small town of about 6900 people, kim davis has her supporters, too. >> i'm standing behind her because i believe she is right. she's following god's law and i believe that trumps all. >> reporter: david, the u.s. attorney here tonight saying it's time for davis to follow the law. tomorrow a judge could decide if she will be held in contempt of court. >> alex, thank you. we turn overseas tonight and to a growing humanitarian crises we've been reporting on here. families, parents and their children trying to reach safety
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and a better life. from turkey tonight, this image of a little boy. it's difficult to see the man carrying his body. a refugee from syria, he died crossing the mediterranean, his family trying to get to europe. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran reporting on the smugglers and what they're charging those family members for a journey they might not survive. >> reporter: the children's corpses washed ashore overnight. police gently carried them off the beaches in the morning. officials say two overcrowded boats crossing from turkey to the greek island of kos capsized, at least 11 dead. another shocking tragedy in this deepening crisis, this exodus. at least 350,000 people have fled war, poverty, terror, entering into europe illegally this year. and more than 2,300 have died at sea trying to get there. fahad is trying, too. he's ten months old. we met him and his family in izmir, turkey, as they prepared
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to risk everything in a smuggler's boat to greece. they're syrian, fleeing the we learn that smugglers charge $1100 for adults, half price for kids. and saw how local merchants turn a grim profit, too. >> look at this. this is not a life-saving device. this is for a little child. the store owner didn't want us around after that. week, fahad and his family go to the beach, hoping to get out. finally they do. their cellphone videos showing the overcrowded rubber boat, the fear on the childrens' faces. we take the ferry to greece, and find them safe and sound. the lucky ones. terry moran, abc news, on the island of kos, greece. >> terry, thank you. we're going to turn now to pope francis tonight on the eve of his visit to america. a new pole showing american catholics growing more accepting of nontraditional families.
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nine in ten say a household with a mother and father is ideal for bringing up children. 48% believe children raised by unmarried parents living together is as good as any other arrangement. 43% believes children raised by gay and lesbians is now as good. our exclusive with pope francis, inside the vatican, the pope telling me he is ready for his visit to the u.s. as he took questions with us from three different cities. the pope and the people, our papal audience with americans asking questions and sharing their stories of struggle friday night at 10:00 right here on abc. a depression churning in the pacific at this hour, also tonight the extreme temperatures up and down the east coast. tomorrow what should be the fifth day of a heat wave in philly in new york. ginger zee telling us the heat wave expected to break on friday.
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that extreme heat hit is as school. and the school tragedy averted days after the school year. children evacuating that high school in west virginia. inside a student holding a gun, threatening to kill others and himself. tonight the teachers hailed as heros, revealing how they helped talk him down. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: it was just nine days into the new school year. >> we have a hostage situation. barricade. >> reporter: twila smith and her class of 27 students, the hostage taker, a firearm who walked in and put a gun to smith's head. >> he said that he was going to kill people and himself. >> what were you in there talking to him about? >> i just kept asking him to let everybody leave and he and i would stay. anything i could think of, just telling him that he hadn't gone too far.
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>> when the bell rang for the next class to come in, other students began knocking on the door, but smith turned them back and was able to signal another teacher, jen swift. >> he was standing by the bulletin board with the gun raised towards my head and said you can get in here, too. >> reporter: swift ran for help. police and the boy's poster eventually get him to surrender. students alive. >> when they walk in here, we're supposed to teach them and we're >> reporter: for those two teachers, job well done. t.j. holmes abc news, phillipi, west virginia. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. we want your opinion on the new debate. who is responsible, the doctor or the patient after a doctor is charged with murder, accused of killing patients who overdosed on prescription drugs, the trial that could impact doctors and their patient's prescriptions across this country. also tonight the case of the construction worker and the construction site, warned to get out of the manhole.
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just incredible, the explosion seconds later, how he survived. look at this tonight, the tour group on safari and the elephant charging their truck. close call coming up. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'.
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introducing the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. this is my fight song... next tonight here, the landmark trail in california, the doctor charged with murder, accused of killing three patients who overdosed on painkillers she prescribed. abc's mara schiavocampo on a case that could set a precedent for doctors and what they prescribe for patients. >> reporter: tonight, dr. lisa tseng facing second degree murder charges after prosecutors say she ignored several warnings, including the overdose deaths of 12 patients overall and continued prescribing oxycontin. >> during this period of time the defendant's practice of prescribing did not change at
6:49 pm
all. >> reporter: three pharmacists testifying they even reported their concerns to authorities. >> the strengths were high and the quantities were large. >> reporter: defense attorneys say tseng is not guilty and they're responsible for their own behavior. >> they took excessive dosages. they mixed alcohol, other drugs. >> reporter: now the patient' families hope cases like this one can help save others. >> i don't want anybody else to lose their lives because of irresponsible prescribing. >> reporter: legal experts say this case could have an effect on doctors prescribing moving forward. if convicted she faces 45 years to life. when we come back here tonight, the wark worker warned to clear out moments before a powerful blast. that case back in the news tonight, incredible. also tina fey and amy poehler got laughs hosting the golden globes.
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the surprise coming for the oscars, two hosts, any guesses? >> and a reminder of what's
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have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. to the index, a battle heating up between a california county and a contractor. video showing the worker in a manhole warned to get out. seconds later that powerful steam explosion. crew members rushing to save him. he was unhurt. the county says that site was unsafe. a white knuckle moment for tourists in zimbabwe. an elephant charging here, spinning their truck, nearly flipping it. no one was hurt. the oscars getting two hosts but who? some guesses, ben affleck, matt damon. poll letter and faye? the answer coming soon. when we come back tonight, the incredible gift given by a teacher.
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you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. finally tonight here, "america strong," a teacher you >> reporter: perhaps you remember the sign we showed you outside mrs. painter's class, improving the world one child at a time. just that. one of her first graders at the time, 6-year-old matthew parker only getting to get twice a week. he needed a kidney transplant. his first didn't work. mrs. painter among the many who was tested and her kidney was a match. >> you've heard so many times
6:58 pm
people say it would be like a needle in a haystack. >> when i went in to be tested they kind of prepared me for the fact that i most likely would not be a match. >> reporter: but she was. hand in hand in that school hallway she was about to take the journey together with matthew. >> we love doing stories on teachers. we think they're the unsung heros in america, but you really are going above and beyond the call. >> well, i guess i am. but i'm happy to do it. >> reporter: happy to do it. and with the new school year starting, just look at who got off the school bus today. matthew, back to school and back on track. in second grade now but thanking that first grade teacher who taught us all a lesson about what it's like to give. >> love seeing matthew. way to go mrs. painter.
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